What do we offer

Upcoming Events

- Sacred Lotus Meditations (ongoing)
- Cannabis Meditations (ongoing)
- Twice Monthly Mens Group (ongoing)
- May 13-15 Men's Group Reset in Southern Utah

Mountain West Men's Group

Held twice monthly on zoom or in Summit and Salt Lake counties. Men need support in ways that they cannot be supported when women are present. They need the opportunity to share and feel their emotions in a raw and vulnerable way. At Cunamina we provide opportunities for men to heal their emotional pains and traumas in a safe and unconditionally loved way. Our series of Mens Plant Reset retreats are designed to support men in ways that Zoom and isolation cannot address.

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Cannabis and Sacred Lotus Meditations

Held monthly in Summit and Salt Lake counties or in private sessions. These meditations are based on the model taught by Collette Patricia with Balancing Cannabis. These meditations utilize our plant allies to enter states of relaxation which in turn opens our psyche to greater healing and growth.

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Journey Preparation

Preparation for plant medicine journey is key to a positive growth experience. The research supports and we have repeatedly seen how the preparation, the setting, and the emotional prep work significantly impact a journey positively (or when there is a lack negatively). By helping people to understand the importance of intention during their preparation helps them to go deeper than they would otherwise.
Our role is to help you access and listen to your own inner healing intelligence and trust that you already contain within you all the wisdom that you require. We will be encouraging you to utilize various tools such as meditation, journaling, and ceremony in order to practice accessing your “inner wisdom”, “higher self”, “soul”, or “best-within-you”.

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James Fadiman is the master of microdosing Having received training directly from Mr. Fadiman, Cunamina follows his recommended microdosing protocols for both Journey Preparation as well as standalone for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual purposes.

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Post-Journey Integration

Integration from plant medicine experiences is an essential component contributing to the personal growth possible through journeying with these divine plant teachers. Being held in safety as you process your experience can result in understandings that would not be possible otherwise. Cunamina is your “safe space”

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Religious Transitions

With increased frequency we have been asked to coach individuals who are experiencing significant spiritual and religious transition. With personal experiences associated with religious trauma, Cunamina is prepared to be your “safe space” to process the difficult emotions associated with these transitions.

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