Work together for success

”We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate and create new opportunities to experience the highest within ourselves and our community. Please contact us at if you would like to join our team and community and to start partnering and working together.”

Adam C


Adam Canton – Transitioning away from a corporate software career, Adam has found that there are many paths to finding peace and connectedness to self, nature, and others. He endeavours to hold space and provide experiences through which others may find access to and embrace the highest qualities within themselves. Adam will be helping to support all guests during the retreat, and assisting with organization and logistics. Adam is the author of “My Divine Plant Gurus”, an introspective self examination of how to practically apply love each day, available on Amazon


Brandi Stoneman, CSW – Brandi will be helping to support all guests during the retreat. She is passionate about working with individuals who are interested in reconnecting with their own unique creative voice and vision. She also loves to assist people exploring self-discovery and wholeness through many holistic and integrative therapies. Brandi is a multimedia artist with a BFA in painting and drawing. She also currently works as a mental health therapist.